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Getting Creative with Cooking Activities–Deviled Egg Go-Carts


Deviled Egg Go-Cart

During summer camp, each week has a different theme that all the activities are formulated around. Every week includes activities that involve math, language arts, science, arts and crafts, and cooking. One week that is always a hit is Carnival Week; we put on a small carnival where the kids can earn tickets to ‘purchase’ different prizes. The rest of the week is planned with fun and interactive, educational activities that have carnival undertones. The cooking activity for this particular week was a little more involved than others, in terms of preparation and materials needed, but deviled egg go-carts are just as cute as can be, don’t you think?



Ingredients Needed:                     Materials Needed:

What You'll Need

hard-boiled eggs                             bowl

mayonnaise                                      plastic knife

mustard                                             plastic spoon

sliced olives                                      ziplock bag

paprika                                               scissors

salt and pepper



1) Cut the boiled egg in half (long ways)

2) Put the yolk into the bowl and break up into small pieces

3) Add a spoon full of mayonnaise, half a spoon full of mustard and mix until smooth

4) Add a pinch of salt and pepper and mix well

5) Put the mixture into the ziplock bag and cut the corner, then squeeze the mixture into the hole of the hard-boil egg

(Please note: This step is not necessary, you can simply spoon the mixture into the hole, but the bag technique gives the yolk mixture a clean and unique look)

6) Push one toothpick through the top part of the egg sideways, attaching the sliced olives to the toothpick; this creates the wheels.

7) Repeat step 7 at the bottom part of the egg to create more wheels

8) Sprinkle paprika on top and enjoy

What You'll Need... 🙂


Thanks for reading!

-The Creative Kitten

“My mistakes make me beautiful”


Getting Creative with Cooking Activities–Kitty Bagels


At my work, every Friday is “Friday Fun Day” for the Kindergartners; a day of cooking activities, outdoor play, treasure chest prizes, and indoor play. My co-workers and I do our best to come up with cooking ideas that parallel the lesson of the week. And as someone who loves sugar and sweets, I found it super simple to come up with the cutest ideas using these such things.

But one day my boss tells me that using skittles, marshmallows, frosting, and chocolate chips every week for cooking activities does not follow the organizations core value of healthy habits and lifestyles; naturally, my response was “WHAAAAAAAAAAA…. ?”

Anyways, in addressing this issue, I have come up with some of the cutest healthy cooking activities, one of which is this:

Healthy Cat

Healthy Kitty

Ingredients and Materials:

1 half bagel

3 sliced olives

3 half cubes of cheese (triangles)

6 shredded carrots pieces

cream cheese

plastic knife


1)   Spread cream cheese on your bagel

2)   Place 2 cheese triangles, tips ip, towards the top of your bagel to create the ears

3)   Place 1 cheese triangle, tip down, in the center of the bagel to create the nose

4)   Place 2 sliced olives above the cheese nose to create the eyes

5)   Cut 1 sliced olive in half and put them facing outwards directly under the nose to create the mouth

6)   Place 3 shredded carrots strands on each side of the nose to create the whiskers

Thanks for reading!

-The Creative Kitten

“My mistakes make me beautiful”