Getting Creative with the Creative Kitten


Let me first just start by saying I am so excited (and kind of confused) to be joining the blogging world;

so here we go.

Hello All!! I am Brittany and I have always been quite crafty and super creative. As you may have seen in my profile; I love animals, especially cats. I have a cat named Martini who almost has as much attitude as I do and a wardrobe to die for thanks to my creativeness (and crazy-cat-lady-ness).

I work for an after school enrichment program for kids ages 4-10 and I am always creating something, whether its for work, for a costume, for my room, for the love of my life, or just because I am bored. I believe I get this from my fab mother who can craft anything and my awesome father who can pretty much make anything himself; along with my need for flare, my obsession with goddy everything, my inability to sit still, and years of sorority events. My mind is always wondering off into a creative wonderland and from now on I plan to post pictures, instructions, and my thoughts behind it all.

My motto is: “Buy it cheap. Make it look expensive”

And although this may not come out in everything I do, such as work projects because they are crafts for 5 year olds; I do believe it is an awesome mind set and that I am damn good at following it.

Below on the left is a picture of the of some of the set up from a Christmas Party my roommates and I threw back in 2009 for about 40 people. We turned out living room into a Christmas Banquet room and everything was made from items either laying around or purchased at a Dollar Store. Not to bad for my first large get together. (Please excuse the poor exposure of the photo) And on the right is a picture of a lady bug and Mike Wazowski, from Monsters Inc which I made with about 25 kids at work for a ‘pom pom critters’ enrichment. (After this picture was taken, Mike was altered to include a mouth)

Pom Pom Critters

Lady Bug and Mike Wizowski

I hope you can find my creativity as fun as I do and that you will see the somewhat sarcastic part of my personality come out. I hope you are ready to learn how to be a Creative Kitty because you will be learning from the most Creative of Kittens.

Christmas Party 2009

Christmas Party 2009

Thanks for reading!

-The Creative Kitten

“My mistakes make me beautiful”


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