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Getting Creative with Pom Poms–Mike Wazowski


For those of you who don’t know me very well, I’m very particular… about everything. As a result, I plan out all of my enrichment activities very far in advance. However, in ordering ASSORTED pom poms, I found that I did not have enough of the colors and sized I needed for the previously planned out projects and had to improvise.

So I thought to make something for Austin, the love of my life. Which brought me this brilliant little guy: Mike Wazowski from the movie Monsters Inc. (One of our faaaavorite movies to watch).

Pom Pom Critters

Mike Wazowski

Materials Needed:

(All of which can be found at your local Micheal’s… and Google)

Tacky Glue

1      2″ Green Pom Pom

2      1/4″ Dark Green Pom Poms

1       Green Pipe Cleaner (Cut into fourths)

1       LARGE googly eye

1       print out of Mike Wazowski’s smile (GOOGLE IT)


Please Note: Once you have glued two pieces, hold together for at least 30 seconds to ensure it doesn’t fall apart while your working on the rest of the project

1) Glue the 2 small dark green pom poms to the top of the large green pom pom to create Mike’s ears/horns. (After a closer look at Mike Wazowski, I noticed these might have been better grey, but it’s up to you)

2) Role one end of all four pipe cleaner pieces, this creates the hands and feet for Mike.

3) Glue on pipe cleaners, two on the side to create the arms and two on the bottom to create the legs.

4) Glue the LARGE googly eye on the front of Mike, closer to the top of his head.

5) Glue on Mike’s cut out smile below the LARGE googly eye.  (Note: Using cardstock instead of regular paper makes it easier to work with and also helps to prevent the ink from bleeding due to glue)

6) Let dry and give to someone who will appreciate how terribly cute he is!!

Thanks for reading!

-The Creative Kitten

“My mistakes make me beautiful”


Getting Creative with the Creative Kitten


Let me first just start by saying I am so excited (and kind of confused) to be joining the blogging world;

so here we go.

Hello All!! I am Brittany and I have always been quite crafty and super creative. As you may have seen in my profile; I love animals, especially cats. I have a cat named Martini who almost has as much attitude as I do and a wardrobe to die for thanks to my creativeness (and crazy-cat-lady-ness).

I work for an after school enrichment program for kids ages 4-10 and I am always creating something, whether its for work, for a costume, for my room, for the love of my life, or just because I am bored. I believe I get this from my fab mother who can craft anything and my awesome father who can pretty much make anything himself; along with my need for flare, my obsession with goddy everything, my inability to sit still, and years of sorority events. My mind is always wondering off into a creative wonderland and from now on I plan to post pictures, instructions, and my thoughts behind it all.

My motto is: “Buy it cheap. Make it look expensive”

And although this may not come out in everything I do, such as work projects because they are crafts for 5 year olds; I do believe it is an awesome mind set and that I am damn good at following it.

Below on the left is a picture of the of some of the set up from a Christmas Party my roommates and I threw back in 2009 for about 40 people. We turned out living room into a Christmas Banquet room and everything was made from items either laying around or purchased at a Dollar Store. Not to bad for my first large get together. (Please excuse the poor exposure of the photo) And on the right is a picture of a lady bug and Mike Wazowski, from Monsters Inc which I made with about 25 kids at work for a ‘pom pom critters’ enrichment. (After this picture was taken, Mike was altered to include a mouth)

Pom Pom Critters

Lady Bug and Mike Wizowski

I hope you can find my creativity as fun as I do and that you will see the somewhat sarcastic part of my personality come out. I hope you are ready to learn how to be a Creative Kitty because you will be learning from the most Creative of Kittens.

Christmas Party 2009

Christmas Party 2009

Thanks for reading!

-The Creative Kitten

“My mistakes make me beautiful”